Isabel mittens


Hello everyone! Hope you are enjoying the gorgeous Easter weather with good friends and family. I had a quiet and pleasant Easter in the mountains and will enjoy the last few days before it’s back to the big city and everyday life. Have in the occasion Easter, knitted a pair of mittens in a customized size 2-3 years. Knitted them in lovely baby wool, which makes them both warm and soft on those little hands.

50 g Dale Baby Ull (color: 3718)
50 g Dale Baby Ull (color: 3507)
Double Pinted Needle size 3 (US 2,5)


Cast on 40 stitches on double pointed needles size 3 mm (US 2,5) with color 3718. Then work in rib (* K2, P2 *) to the rib measured 6 cm. From here, continue in pattern as shown below. After 7 rounds with pattern set the 5 thumb stitches on a stitch holder or a thread. On the right mitten you set 5 stitches on the right side, while the left mitten you set 5 stitches on the left side, as marked in the pattern. Next round cast on 5 new stitches over the thumb stitches.

Skjermbilde 2014-10-08 kl. 19.40.47


Follow the pattern up to where we start casting off as shown as «/» in the diagram over. You cast off in two ways; after knitting a pattern stitch (color: 3507) by knitting two by two stitches together, and before a pattern mask ​​by knitting two by two stitches twisted together. When you are left with only 8 stitches on the needle, you can pull the thread through and fasten.


Put the 5 stitches from stitch holder back on double pointed needle size 3 (US 2,5) and pick up 7 stitches behind them. Knit 12 rounds with ground color 3718. Then knit two and two stitches together until you are left with only three stitches on the needle. Pull the thread through and fasten.


The result was a pair of gloves that comes in handy now at Easter when we are playing in the snow all day.

Happy Easter to all of you!



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